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Youth Serum
Youth Serum
Sale price: $75.00

30% Vitamin C Serum with Plant Seed Oils


"Inspired by garden-grown food, Youth Garden is a fruit and vegetable seed oil formula with 30% Vitamin C. Featuring a diverse antioxidant defense network, including Vitamin E tocotrienols & tocopherols, rich carotenoids & more, this nutritious serum is ideal for youthful looking skin.

Youth Garden Serum also contains essential fatty acids - nutrients which mature skin requires and craves. This light viscosity oil promotes collagen, visibly diminishes wrinkles and brightens skin. Firms and improves skin texture;moisturizes and nourishes sin. Youth Garden glides onto skin and leaves it silky smooth without greasy residue." 

Youth Garden Serum Benefits: 


  • Maximum Performance for Visible Results without Irritation
  • Clarifies and Brightens the skin
  • Stimulates Collagen
  • Restores and Promotes firmer-looking and radiant skin
  • Derived from ingredients of vegetable and synthetic origin and can be considered vegan
  • Does not contain any GMO materials
  • Gluten-free